Typical Client Consultations:

• Relationship Issues & Insights
• Contemplating difficult decisions
• Career/Business - decisions/guidance
• Family concerns - teens, children, health
• Personal insights - potentials and directions
• Future -possibilities or direction
• Past - insights - tools to move forward
• Missing Persons
• Unsolved Crimes/Mysteries

There are times in all of our lives when simple every day issues can become muddled and we find ourselves leaning toward our hunches or intuition for guidance. Sometimes we even forget that we are capable of utilizing our own “gut instincts”. We may find ourselves stuck and unable to really see through our blocks; whatever they might be. There are even times in our lives when tragedy strikes, or things seem unbearable instead of simply muddled! It is precisely at all of these times that I can truly shine for you!

I am passionate about applying my intuitive skills to help people remove those blinders and work through their individual situations with clarity and hope. It gives me great pleasure and joy to know that I am being instrumental in another’s personal growth.

A Reading with Barbara will help you:

Work through problems and find resolutions quickly
Heal harmful patterns that block progress and growth
Improve your own intuitive nature and skills
See the truth behind blocked issues in your life
Pleasantly experience open communication and dialogue
Explore future outcomes and choices through this dialogue
Rejoice in being able to clarify your purpose and potential
Search your heart and open it so others can enjoy you

Open your mind by exploring dreams or past experiences
Find truth and answers to your most desired questions

Learn to manifest your hearts desire
Invent yourself again by choosing to change
Get out of slumps and re-focus your direction
Help yourself embrace life by redefining your possibilities
Take charge of your future by setting goals and making transformations